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Are you curious about exploring back-door pleasures, but you’re maybe a little intimidated or don’t know where to begin? Join us for an extravaganza of anal sex toys, and we’ll take you on a full tour of everything you can stick in or on your booty.

Start Out Small
For the backdoor beginner, the idea of cramming something into your butt may seem a little daunting. Won’t it hurt? Or at least feel strange? Well, anal stimulation is a bit different if you’re not used to it. But if you relax and allow yourself to fully experience the sensations, you may find that stimulating the anal area greatly enhances your sexual excitement and orgasms.

For those with severe rectal reservations, you may want to consider using a desensitizing anal lube, such as Anal-Eze. Besides providing soothing lubrication (always a necessity when using butt toys), desensitizing lubes include a numbing ingredient like benzocaine, which takes any sting out of anal penetration. However, if you start out slow and respect your own limits, you shouldn’t experience any great or lasting discomfort. Most people can get by with using generous amounts of regular water-based lube.

B Is for Butt Plug
Anal sex toys come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can start off at your comfort level and work your way up later if you desire. For the absolute butt novice, a small butt plug, about the size of a pinkie finger, is a good introduction to ass play. This small plug will give you the feeling of something being up your ass without feeling overly intrusive. If you want a little more sensation, you can gently tug on it or twirl it around while it’s inserted.

A butt plug is a small rubber or silicone toy that is roughly cone shaped – tapered at the tip for easy insertion, flaring out to provide some fullness, and then tapering down to a narrower base with a flange to hold the plug in place against the anus. While most have a classic smooth cone-like shape, some are rippled for more sensation, or shaped like cocks, or angled to put pressure on the prostate gland in men.

If you feel like a small plug isn’t enough, you can certainly upgrade. Butt plugs come in a range of shapes and circumferences. Once you’ve pushed your limits far enough, you might graduate to the traffic-cone-like dimensions of the super-sized 9” by 4” huge butt plug. But that’s for true anal athletes. You’ll probably want to stick with something in the 1- to 2-inch category. If you feel like you can go further, try an inflatable butt plug, which allows you to adjust the size to suit yourself.

Bead It
If you want to walk on the wild side, anal beads can provide a real roller coaster of rectal sensations. Anal beads go in one at a time, ultimately filling your ass. Then, with the right timing, you or your partner pulls them out while you come, for a really explosive orgasm. The combination of the natural contractions of the ass when you climax plus the rippling effect of the beads makes for a mind blowing experience.

Anal beads take two basic forms: beads on a string, or balls in a line. It depends on what they’re made of. Beads made of harder material, like acrylic, plastic, or metal are strung on string, while “beads” made of flexible material like jelly rubber or silicone take the more linear solid form. Both have the same effect. The beads feel good going in one at a time, and they feel good coming out. As with any anal sex toys, be sure, whichever kind you use, that you leave the pull ring or the last bead of the string hanging outside the anus. If everything goes up in the ass, it can be too hard to retrieve it.


Wands and Probes
Jokes about alien anal exams aside, anal probes can be a lot of fun and are another good intro toy for beginners. Probes are long and slender, going for depth rather than width. While they don’t make a huge impact on insertion, they keep going and going, in and out. Their extended reach lets you get some really deep sensations. Ridges, ripples, or vibration can enhance the experience. Some anal probes are even more animated, swirling and thrashing about inside the rectum and colon, while flexible anal probes allow you to get to those hard-to-reach places. If you really want to reach out and touch someone, try using an anal probe on them.

Probes are sometimes also called anal wands. The concept is basically the same. Anal wands are sometimes made of more rigid material, like acrylic, or may have a handle or grip on the end that allows you to twist, thrust, and otherwise manipulate them more easily. Wands come in a variety of styles, from smooth to bumpy to dildo-shaped.

Anal Dildos
Theoretically any dildo can (and probably will) be used as an anal dildo. However, some dildos lend themselves to anal insertion and stimulation more than others. Of course, your choice of a dildo for anal use will depend on your experience level and what kind of sensations you enjoy. Beginners will want to start with a small, shorter dildo not much bigger than a medium-sized butt plug. There’s no need to go overboard – you can work your way up.

Many specialty dildos are suitable for anal use. Vibrating dildos or rotating dildos can feel especially good in the ass. Try a vibrating dildo with a pulsating function for a throbbing sensation in your sphincter. Dildos that offer thrusting action can also add dimension to your anal explorations. And to simulate the risky business of bareback anal sex, you can use an ejaculating dildo, loaded with the liquid of your choice to simulate a load of jizz filling up your backside. One note – if you’re using a Cyberskin dildo for anal insertion, we recommend you cover it with a condom. Cyberskin and similar materials are porous and hard to clean, so it’s best to just keep a barrier between them and your butt.

Dual Penetration
Although everyone can experience the pleasures of anal play, women have the advantage of having both a vagina and ass to be penetrated. Many women enjoy being penetrated in both orifices at once, for the feeling of complete “fullness” that it gives, as well as the extra pressure it puts on the G-spot. Dual penetration toys plug into both of your pleasure spots, so you don’t have to fumble with two dildos or a dildo and butt plug.

If you have the fantasy of getting plowed by two guys, one in each hole, you can try a dual penetration dildo, which consists of two attached dildos one on top of the other, with the bottom one curved and angled slightly for anal penetration. A traditional double dildo, with a head on each end, can also be used for double penetration if it is long and flexible enough.

Other toys that give you vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time include vibrators with anal probes attached, strap on vibrators that strap onto the pussy and have an anal stimulator attached, or cock rings that fit around your man’s dick and feature clitoral and anal stimulators.

Prostate Power
For men, butt play is all about hitting the prostate, or male G-spot. You can stimulate the prostate gland by entering the asshole about 2 to 3 inches and then pressing against the wall of the rectum in the direction of the belly button. The prostate should feel round and firm, like a small walnut or apricot. Once you figure out where your prostate is, you can use any toy to press against it if you angle it right. But some anal toys make it easier.

Many anal sex toys for men are designed to press on or rub against this spot specifically. Look for butt plugs and dildos with a sharp angle or crook in them, or a bulging head or shaft. Dildos and vibrators designed to stimulate a woman’s G-spot will work equally well on the prostate. When inserting them, make sure the angle is pointing in the right direction. The tip should be heading toward your front when the toy is in you.

Some vibrating anal toys are designed especially with the prostate in mind. Anal toys with a rotating compartment can be easily aligned to whirr against your hot button. And the Anal T vibrator takes all the guesswork out of hitting the prostate, with its angled shape that presses right on the prostate and the T-shaped base to hold it in place.

Bottoms Up
If you still can’t figure out where to begin, consider getting an anal starter kit, such as the Kobe Tai Anal Adventure Kit, which contains butt plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos and vibrators. Whatever anal toy you choose, be sure to use plenty of water-based lube to ease the way. Take your time, relax, breathe, and focus on enjoying the new sensations that butt play can bring you.

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