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In the United States, more and more heterosexuals are trying anal sex. Statistics vary, but it looks like about a quarter of adults have tried it at least once. A smaller number do it on a regular basis, perhaps 5-10 percent.

Studies done on heterosexual anal sex practices in North America
Source: UCSF's
HIV InSite

3,432 adults in US
  • 25% had at least experimented with anal sex at one point in their lives.
  • 10% have done so at least once in the previous year.
  • Among women 25-29, 12% had engaged in anal intercourse in the last year and 2.4% during their last sexual event
593 students at a Midwestern University
  • 17% of sexually experienced males and 18% of sexually experienced females had engaged in heterosexual anal intercourse
  • of these, 69% of males and 49% of females, respectively, did so in the previous year, 26% and 17% within the past month
household probability sample of 3,545 CA adults
  • 8% of males and 6% females reported having anal sex at least once a month during the last year
  • Most of them 1 to 5 times/month
  • 60% without ever using condoms (16% "always") for anal sex 
  • Those who have anal sex are more likely to have other AIDS and STD risk behaviors
1,071 women
  • 6.1% of females ages 18-49 reported having anal intercourse within the previous 6 months
  • 17% of these reported anal intercourse more frequently than once a month
3,400 undergraduates at the University of Maryland
25% reported having practiced heterosexual anal intercourse
5514 first year college and univ. students in Canada Among the 21.3% of the men and 8.6% of the women with 10 or more partners, anal intercourse was practiced by 26.9% of the men and 34.8% of the women, and previous STD was reported by 10.6% and 24.2%, respectively.
Random telephone survey of 422 Whites and 179 African Americans in Seattle 4% of White and 7% of African-American women reported practicing anal sex during "a typical 4 week period" with their most recent sex partner.

Interestingly enough, though, anal sex appears to be much more prevalent in Latin America, especially in Brazil, where 60 percent of people report having tried it. Though apparently it is less common in the UK than the US.

Studies done on heterosexual anal sex practices in Latin America
Source: UCSF's
HIV InSite

2408 Puerto Rican College Students
  • 44% of sexually active males and 32% of females reported practicing anal sex.
  • 12% of men said they practiced anal sex for their partner's pleasure compared to 56% of the women.
2314 MSM in Mexico City Of 555 self-identified bisexual men (21% of whom tested HIV-positive), 8% reported practicing anal intercourse either "always/almost always" or "half the time" with their female partners.
105 high risk MSM & sex workers and 155 low risk blood donors in Rio de Janeiro Over 50% of both groups (60% of the total) reported practicing anal sex.


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